Flex powered by Premier is a leading provider of professional radiology services to hospitals, imaging centers, and radiology groups. Flex offers flexible radiology solutions ranging from preliminary and final professional interpretations for all imaging modalities to radiology business solutions focused on improving radiology workflow and customer service.

Flex Teleradiology is your source for complete mobile radiology solutions. Our goal is to customize our offered services to meet the needs of your organization. Radiology solutions that travel to you to help you better serve your patients.  First-class personnel and advanced technological capabilities are at your disposal to allow us the ability to deliver top quality, x-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasounds  and other mobile clinical services to you 24/7. At FLEX, we guarantee a first-class radiology solution.

First Class Radiology Services

The increasing utilization of imaging services and the need for first-class radiology services was the foundation by which Flex was created.  Today’s radiologists are burdened by increasing demands for professional sub-specialized interpretations along with management of all support services critical to patient imaging i.e. software and hardware technology, imaging protocols, credentialing paperwork, information technology expertise, referring MD/technologist education, etc. Hospitals and Nursing Homes face continuing financial pressures associated with on-site staffing and high costs associated with providers.

These issues inspired Flex to create a first-class radiology organization designed to cater to the needs of our clients and to help meet the “service voids.”  Whether your need is for preliminary or final reads, Flex stands ready to help. With STAT reports available in 1-2 hours, Flex stands behind its service commitment to our clients. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and radiology workflow solutions, Flex exceeds the teleradiology standards set by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and fully complies with the patient privacy standards of HIPAA.

Comprehensive Radiology Services 24/7

Flex has served a growing number of hospitals, nursing homes, imaging centers and physician groups by providing 24/7 comprehensive radiology services. Flex only uses experienced, board-certified fellowship-trained radiologists in a wide array of specialties to ensure accuracy and professionalism. In order to provide first class radiology services, one must supply both experienced radiologists and an energetic support staff focused on meeting the needs of all clientele. This is our belief and the commitment we make to all of our clients, patients, referring physicians and the community.


NIOSH Certified B-Reader

A knowledgeable team of NIOSH certified “B” Readers are standing by to provide you expert reviews of chest radiographs for the presence of occupational lung disease. Our range of expertise spans from epidemoiological evaluations, surveillance, to worker monitoring programs involving many types of pneumoconosis (lung disease that is often – but not always – caused by inhalation of dust in mines.)


Age of Injury 

An age of injury report from a Radiologist will review the MRI report and the actual MRI images and relate reported findings to a specific time frame and draw a conclusion whether the findings described are related or unrelated with the injury. With the above guidelines we can be rather accurate in assigning a reasonable time frame for most MRI findings.