The Teleradiology Solution for Mobile Imaging Companies

Lagniappe at FLEX

It’s Fun and Unexpected to Get a Little Something Extra

Lagniappe is a Creole term that translates to “a little something extra.” FLEX strives to deliver that by offering the speed and efficiency of modern teleradiology combined with the compassion and care of in-house expertise with the utmost importance for each patient as they go through the process.

Curious how it all began? Founders Drew Gaudet & Gil Patino share all. 

Dedicated Team Members to Make Your Life Easier

Customer Service

Our on-call Customer Care Coordinators (C3) offer 24/7 troubleshooting and communication with the high-level knowledge and the familiarity that you would expect from a team member at your own practice.

Your C3 is the main point-person between your practice, our internal radiologists, and medical transcriptionists to ensure that all cases and reports are characterized by quick turnaround times and consistent follow-ups on cases and reports.

Continuity of Care Because Your Patients Deserve It

Patient Care

By offering sub-specialty expertise and 24/7 customer service with mobile access to our clients, we are ensuring that doctors receive the most accurate, up-to-date, and custom-built results for patients in real time.

FLEX keeps you connected with consistent care within our expansive network of radiologists. If special needs arise, such as time-sensitive results, our team works tirelessly to follow through and exceed the expectations of your patients as your doctors deliver results faster.

FLEX Teleradiology is the remote radiology solution for your mobile imaging company. Our goal is to customize our teleradiology services to meet the needs of your organization. Our attentive staff utilizes our proprietary teleradiology platform to deliver top-quality mobile diagnostic reads to you 24/7. At FLEX, we guarantee a first-class teleradiology solution that not only meets your expectations, but surpasses them.

Mobile X-Ray

Mobile Ultrasound

What Sets FLEX Apart?

What makes FLEX Teleradiology different is that we are 100% focused on reading for mobile imaging companies. We understand the unique work that you do and the complications that arise for the creation of diagnostic images. We also understand the cost pressures that are placed on you and we want to provide a cost-efficient teleradiology solution so you can continue to grow.

At FLEX, our goal is to help you deliver the best patient care in the mobile setting. 

Does it Feel Like Your Current Provider is Avoiding You?

Many teleradiology companies actively avoid working with mobile diagnostic clients. We are the exact opposite. At FLEX, we understand where you’re coming from, the pressures you’re under, and the lack of quality teleradiology service when it comes to mobile imaging. That’s why we have stepped in to fill that gap in service and provide you with timely, quality reads for your mobile diagnostics. 

If your current provider treats your business as something to be tolerated, then it’s time to make the switch and get a teleradiology partner who prioritizes your success.